Substance Abuse

"Are you ready to overcome substance abuse?

Are you or someone you love struggling to overcome substance abuse? It comes in many forms: alcohol addiction, tobacco dependence, drug-use, prescription painkillers and others.

Substance abuse forces you to lose control of your mind and body. It grips your life and can be very difficult to escape. This can be a gateway into other health issues such as organ failure, depression, and chronic illness. Addiction and abuse can sever family relationships and friendships, cause job loss and create financial hardships.

Symptoms of substance abuse include:

  • Inability to sleep, awake at unusual times, unusual laziness
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Red, watery eyes; pupils larger or smaller than usual
  • Extreme hyperactivity; excessive talkativeness
  • Drop in grades at school or performance at work
  • Change in personal grooming habits
  • Secretive or suspicious behavior

At Touchette Regional Hospital, we can help you move into a life beyond addiction and abuse. We can provide the support, assistance and medical treatment you need to escape the grip of addiction. Our medical professionals will take this journey with you, guiding you through any obstacles you may face.

Don’t wait another day; take the first step down the road to recovery. As soon as you call us, you will wish you had done so sooner.

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