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  • Board of Directors


    The Touchette Regional Hospital Board of Directors is a team of community leaders that represent the communities we provide healthcare services to.
  • Insurance Plans Accepted


    Touchette Hospital accepts most major health plans. We also have Health Insurance Navigators who can help you enroll in private health insurance.
  • Anxiety


    Anxiety\r\n\"Thousands of people suffer from anxiety...and they don\'t even know it.\"\r\nAnxiety is one of the most common ailments in this country, yet it is not one of the most treated or even the most talked about.\r\nSome symptoms of anxiety-related issues include:\r\n\r\nSurges of
  • Postpartum Depression


    Postpartum Depression\r\n\"Take control of your postpartum symptoms.\"\r\nApproximately 20% of new mothers experience symptoms of postpartum depression. After childbirth, many women experience extreme sadness, anxiety or exhaustion; making daily care activities difficult.\r\nSymptoms of
  • Spiritual Care


    The Spiritual Care Team at Touchette Hospital is dedicated to providing care and strength throughout your visit.
  • Housing


    Through a partnership with the Metropolitan Housing Development Corp., Touchette Hospital offers affordable housing for independent area seniors.
  • Depression


    Depression\r\n\"Feeling sad, empty, even hopeless?\"\r\nDepression. You know the feeling; it’s like a ton of bricks weighing you down. You feel sad, empty, even hopeless much of the time. It’s more than just a “case of the blues”- it lingers for days, months,
  • Sleep Center


    Learn more about the sleep center available at Touchette Regional Hospital in partnership with the Clayton Sleep Center Institute of Maplewood, MO.
  • Health Information & Privacy


    Learn more about Touchette Hospital's commitment to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of patient health information.
  • Blog


    Find informational blog posts from Touchette Regional Hospital discussing health issues and concerns, providing helpful tips and information and more.