Board of Directors

Touchette Regional Hospital’s Board of Directors is comprised of members of the communities we serve. They are dedicated volunteers who represent business, social services, government, education, legal, and community members.

photo of Mr. Richard Sauget, Sr. Chairperson

Mr. Richard Sauget
Sr. Chairperson

photo of Mr. Kenneth Hall, Jr., Vice Chairperson

Mr. Kenneth Hall, Jr.
Vice Chairperson

photo of Mr. Luther Jackson, Secretary

Mr. Luther Jackson

photo of Ms. Yvette McFadden, Director

Ms. Yvette McFadden

photo of Louis Gary, M.D., Director

Louis Gary, M.D.

photo of Mr. Willie B. Nelson, Sr., Director

Mr. Willie B. Nelson, Sr.

 photo of Ms. Ethel Manager, Director

Ms. Ethel Manager

photo of Mr. Jed Deets, Treasurer

Mr. Jed Deets