stock photo showing two people reading the bible

Providing Care and Strength Throughout Your Visit

During your stay at Touchette Regional Hospital, our Spiritual Care team wants to help you draw on your spiritual resources for strength and healing.

Our hospital Chapel is located on the third floor and is open for prayer and meditation 24 hours a day. Patients and their families are welcome to use the Chapel to pray or to meet and consult with a religious caregiver. Non-denominational services are held every Sunday morning.

Chaplain visits are available daily upon request. You may call a Touchette Chaplain if you need:

  • Comfort or prayer
  • Spiritual literature
  • To grieve
  • To celebrate
  • To make medical decisions
  • To contact your faith leader

The Touchette Chaplain can be reached at extension 5289 or by calling the hospital operator. Also, any member of the Touchette nursing staff can contact the Chaplain for you.

A Prayer for Healing

Loving and tender God, touch my heart with hope, touch my mind with clarity, touch my soul with peace, and touch my body with the warmth of your healing presence. Grant me courage to face the future, insight to understand and accept your will, wisdom to discern how I can touch the lives of others, and the comfort of people who care about me as I reach out for your loving hands. Amen.