Current Standard Charges

Touchette Regional Hospital is committed to assisting our patients with information that will be useful in making healthcare decisions. In addition to the Illinois Hospital Report Card and comparative data collected by CMS, below you will find our most recent price listing. This provides the total average cost for each item on our chargemaster.

Total average cost is the price an itemized bill would typically charge to insurance and patients before any discounts or payments would be made by any source or insurance. Uninsured patients of Touchette Regional Hospital will be billed no more than Amount Generally Billed (AGB) which, for 2021, is no more than 38% of charges per Policy BO.1006 - Financial Assistance Policy. Please note that charges and services listed in our reports are for hospital-billed services and may not include the fees a physician, will separately bill for.

Illinois Hospital Report Card: provides comparative quality, safety, satisfaction, and charge data for Illinois Hospitals.

In accordance with the CMS Price Transparency Law 209 IPPS/LTCH final rule, which is effective 01/01/2019, Touchette is required to make available and update annually a list of standard charges in a machine-readable format. This information is listed in the following files:

1). Touchette Regional Hospital Charge Description Master - Note: Some prices are dependent upon an invoice that is specific to the patient’s needs during the procedure, such as during a surgery when an implant or hardware is needed. In this event, the price will be 2.5 multiplied by the invoiced amount. 

Comparative Data among hospitals can be found through CMS. The website provides a lookup by hospital to show payment and discharges for Medicare inpatients.

Touchette Regional Hospital is CCN: 140077 or you can look us up by entering "Touchette" in the Provider Name field at:

Touchette Regional Hospital cash price for COVID-19 test collection and specimen testing is $156.