Anger Management

"Overcoming anger is easier than you may think."

While it may seem strange, anger is a normal and healthy emotion. When it becomes unmanageable, however, it can hinder your physical and mental health as well as your professional, family and social relationships.

Some symptoms of anger-related issues include:

  • Heart palpitations or tightening of the chest
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Pressure in the head or sinus cavities
  • Fatigue

At Touchette Regional Hospital, we have the resources to help you manage your angry feelings. We will get down to the root cause of your anger and create a plan to help you manage those feelings in healthy ways. You will find that overcoming anger is easier than you may think.

Together, we will determine the source and/or cause of your anger, discuss situations that trigger your anger and develop an individualized plan that works for you. Don’t wait another day to seek our help in managing your anger. As soon as you call us, you will wish you had done so sooner.

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