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  • Insurance Plans Accepted


    Learn about the insurance plans accepted at Touchette Hospital and how our Health Insurance Navigators can assist with private health insurance enrollment.
  • Board of Directors


    Learn about the Board of Directors at Touchette Hospital who are a team of community leaders representing the communities we provide healthcare services to.
  • Spiritual Care


    Find out about the Spiritual Care Team at Touchette Hospital that provides patients spiritual resources for strength and healing throughout their visit.
  • Housing


    Learn about the partnership Touchette Hospital has with Metropolitan Housing Development Corp. offering independent housing for seniors in our community.
  • Depression


    Depression\r\n\"Feeling sad, empty, even hopeless?\"\r\nDepression. You know the feeling; it’s like a ton of bricks weighing you down. You feel sad, empty, even hopeless much of the time. It’s more than just a “case of the blues”- it lingers for days, months,
  • Sleep Center


    Learn more about the sleep center available at Touchette Regional Hospital in partnership with the Clayton Sleep Center Institute of Maplewood, MO.
  • Health Information & Privacy


    Learn about how Touchette Hospital is committed to protecting the confidentiality of patient health information by reading the notice of privacy practices.
  • Blog


    Find informational blog posts from Touchette Regional Hospital discussing health issues and concerns, providing helpful tips and information and more.
  • Medicate Pharmacy


    Learn about the Medicate Pharmacy Program at Touchette Regional Hospital, allowing patients to receive their medications before leaving the hospital.
  • Anger Management


    Anger Management\r\n\"Overcoming anger is easier than you may think.\"\r\nWhile it may seem strange, anger is a normal and healthy emotion. When it becomes unmanageable, however, it can hinder your physical and mental health as well as your professional, family and social relationships.\r\